We turn Your Raw Data into Profit

Bring your business a step closer to booming, and be 100% on top of what’s going on, everywhere, all the time.

Gather it

We use our tried-and-trusted methods (Infinite Entry Method) to gather all of your marketing, operational, and financial data. We have tailor-made codes for anything you send our way.

Refine it

Overwhelmed by way, way too much information? We get it. Our methods were built to narrow down the 0.0001% of data your team actually needs to better your business.

Action Engineer it

That’s not all, though. We’ll help you integrate our dashboards with your team’s SOPs, so that everything important is put to good use. That’s the key that everyone else misses.


We know how to make multiple sides of your business happy!


We can give visibility into the broad overview and very detailed deep dives.


We can facilitate getting all of the data needed to effectively run the business on a day to day basis.


We can act as the back end of a FP&A team which many CFOs want.

Process Manager

We can build dashboards that make Processes/SOPs 5 steps instead of 45 steps.


We can do all of the hard ETL backend so a CTO can focus on building on top of that foundation.

Board of Directors

We can help prepare board decks that give key strategic info beyond just the limits of double entry accounting.

About Us

We make your data work for you!

Data Factory offers you a team of data analysts specifically trained to help digital marketers get the most insight from their data. We partner with digital marketing agencies to explore, extract, aggregate, visualize, and automate all of their data needs.




Data Models

We give you complete data privacy – you own your own database, and control access to it!

How Does It Work

We’re more than data experts.

If we only understood data, we couldn’t build comprehensive data models that work for every moving part of your organization. We’re also experts in the following:


We built our finance expertise through years of working as a Virtual CFO agency. We speak the language of a CFO, Treasurer, and auditor. Our service can help to enable a full FP&A department for larger organizations.


Marketing is in our company’s DNA. Our team has some serious marketing experience, and actually understands the marketing strategies we are analyzing.


When we design a dashboard, we start by imagining the SOP and actions that are associated with this service. We have offered a service in the past called “Director of Automation” that helps to document and then automate processes. This understanding lets us build the proper data needed.

Our Team

Meet the Team Behind Data Factory

This is our team, a lot of smiling happy people who work hard to empower your company!

Andrew Warner


Nenad Pavlovic

Onboarding Director

Elvira Ruznic

Operations Manager

Milos Tisma

Data Analyst

Tom Hampl


Damir Bednjanic

SQL Developer

We are experts in many of the most important data sources:


Onboarding Phases:

We don’t let you sign up until you’ve done our free, 3-phase data assessment:

Phase 1 - Intro

We will first schedule a one-on-one chat which will let us get to know you, and understand where and how we can help.

Phase 2 - Problem

We analyze your data sources and define any problems your team faces. This is where we get into potential recommendations.

Phase 3 - Solution

Finally, we present you with the action plan and costs of implementing it with the Data Factory team, and get you the results you need.


What Our Clients Say

Our clients come first, and we are proud to be working with some of the best marketing agencies and eCommerce brands.

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