Data is Fuel not Magic!

Our entire business model is based around empowering data to improve labor productivity. The processes we use to help automate systems for our clients makes it easier on them and improves labor efficiency.

Most employees aren’t the best at extracting data, consolidating it and making it digestible. In fact, they shouldn’t be doing it at all. The goal is to get decision makers straight to analysis, not to data preparation and consolidation. This is where Data Factory outshines other companies. We are the best at extracting data, consolidating it and building dashboards that drive actions and decision making. We help get decision makers straight to analysis instead of spending time on data prepping. 

For that reason, we believe our business model improves peoples’ lives and makes them enjoy their work more. In addition, we have real experience helping marketing agencies, eCommerce businesses, private equity firms and others improve labor efficiency. We can help you too! 

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A Word from the Founder

“Clients like working with us because we’re not just another data team that knows data.
We offer much more:

  • We have a marketing background to understand marketing strategies
  • We have accounting experience
  • We are process/management consultants
  • We can also help with inventory/catalog management, goal setting, etc.

This allows us to build everything the right way from the beginning.
We believe we’ve created the perfect alternative to many companies as opposed to building their own internal data team or we can supplement their internal data team (our most common situation).”

Andrew Warner