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— Data Factory —

We turn Your Raw Data into Profit

Bring your business a step closer to booming, and be 100% on top of what’s going on, everywhere, all the time.

We gather your data

We refine it

We action engineer it

everything you need to get

All of the data needed to effectively run the business on a day to day basis.


We can give visibility into the broad overview and very detailed deep dives.


We can act as the back end of a FP&A team which many CFOs want.


We can do all of the hard ETL backend so a CTO can focus on building on top of that foundation.


We can facilitate getting all of the data needed to effectively run the business on a day to day basis.

Process Manager

We can build dashboards that make Processes/SOPs 5 steps instead of 45 steps.

Board of Directors/Investors

We can help prepare board decks that give key strategic info beyond just the limits of double entry accounting.

Andrew Warner, CEO of Data Factory

Meet our ceo

Andrew Warner

Clients like working with us because we’re not just another data team that knows data. We offer much more:

  • We have a marketing background to understand marketing strategies
    We have accounting experience
  • We are process/management consultants
  • We can also help with inventory/catalog management, goal setting, etc.

This allows us to build everything the right way from the beginning. We believe we’ve created the perfect alternative to many companies as opposed to building their own internal data team or we can supplement their internal data team.

Becoming an Interface Designer

Step by Step

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Preview of Our Projects

Our clients come first, and we are proud to be working with some of the best marketing agencies and eCommerce brands

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